The Beijing organizing committee for the licensing of the Olympic Games for the first Po printed – “the lion seal” officially kicked off in guangdong, facing to the world. It is understood that the first treasure to India is the world’s first pure hand-made Olympic collection, and is also the heaviest jade in Olympic history. The issuer has revealed; First treasure global limited release only printed 2008 Olympic square, opportunity only once, now value has turned over many times.


Olympic Games emblem is a national treasure of cultural relics, national treasure! No amount of money can’t collect. Experts boldly states “represent the Olympic emblem treasure” is put forward, this is sport, collectors, and even countries in the world are attaches great importance to the event, the Beijing entrusted with far higher than other Olympic collection standards, by many schemes to modify, finally approved after repeatedly to discuss review, in 2007 officially released in July 2008 the Olympic Games for the first treasure to seal the lion seal Chinese seal.

文中此“奥运狮玺”,以“北京奥运”徽宝为蓝本,参照故宫珍藏的“皇帝玉玺”为设计理念。在制作手法上不能计较成本!制作方决定把极具中国传统文化的“东方雄狮”、“皇帝玉玺”、名贵白玉和奥运会徽完美结合,采用我国失传久远的古代琢玉技法,结合现代玉雕工艺手法如:浮雕 、圆雕 、镂雕、打磨、抛光等经过108道手工由国内顶级玉雕设计大师亲身指导雕刻而成。

In this paper, the “Olympic lion seal”, “Beijing Olympic Games emblem” treasure as the prototype, with reference to “imperial seals” as the design concept in the collection of the Palace Museum. On the technique of making things cost! Producers decided to take the Chinese traditional culture extremely “eastern lion” and “imperial seals” perfect combination, rare report the Olympic emblem, with the ancient art of the ancient cut jade techniques, combined with modern jade carving craft technique such as embossing, the round, engraved look, grinding, polishing after 108 manually by domestic top carved jade carving master personally guide design.


YinNiu in Beijing’s Forbidden City lion shape, Oriental lion foot jade beads. Lao lion seal 13 cm, on behalf of the 1.3 billion Chinese people heart Olympic Games; Like a square, 8 x 8 cm length, symbol in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on August 8. Every Fang Yuxi collectors need to remind is, adopt laser sculpture collection number, with the Olympic licensed merchandise anti-counterfeiting labels, the state issued by the notary office limited release notarial deed, the collection certificate and jade, pearls and wood identification certificate.


为纪念2010 中国广州亚运会的举行,由 中国玉雕大师 仵海洲亲自创作,采用800 克 和田玉、45 克 纯金银打造,是继 《奥运徽宝》之后又一力作。   印面为阳雕 亚运会会徽,玺钮上交 五羊,即保留了中国传统玉玺的形制,又将中国传统生肖元素代表着友谊、和谐、财富、吉祥的五羊融入其中;玺基为特级 和田青玉,色 绿如蓝,方圆四寸(秦朝四寸即为今9.24厘米),玺基正面镶嵌亚运会金银会徽,背面镶嵌“激情盛会,和谐亚洲”金银牌,运用了 金镶玉的古老工艺,将黄金的闪耀于温雅高贵的和田青玉相结合。   整套设计即充分展示了亚运会的核心理念同时又将我国神秘、高贵的传统玉玺文化融入其中,堪称空前。亚运徽宝在制作上更是美奂绝伦,玺钮五羊采用铜鎏金的 中国传统工艺由铸造大师精心打造,以 五羊雕塑造型按比例微缩而成,将五羊祥和善良的神态勾画的惟妙惟肖。


The moral of Xi twist: it’s said that a long time ago, when there was a drought in Guangzhou, there was no harvest and the people had no choice but to pray day and night for the blessing of the gods. Their piety finally touched the five immortals. The immortals came here by riding five fairy sheep with different hair colors and rice ears in their mouths. They gave the ears of grain to 

the people and wished that there would be no famine here. Finish saying and then fly away, five fairy sheep turn into stone and stay in the world. Since then, the weather has been good and the grain is plentiful. Because of this magical legend, Guangzhou is called “Yangcheng” and “Suicheng”. Today, there are five sheep statues in Yuexiu Park, which is the most symbolic city emblem of Guangzhou.


Xi button: the mascot of the Asian Games is five Xianyang (Xiang, he, Ru, Yi and LeYang sheep in turn). It takes the idea of “sheep”, and for the first time uses the logo of Fangcheng city to build the “emblem of the Asian Games”, which means that the Chinese people will welcome the 2010 Asian Games with the best attitude, and also present the best wishes to the people of Asia and the world.


It is the pride of all Chinese people that the 2010 Asian Games once again pampers China. On the occasion of the opening of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the official authorization of the Asian Games issued a special edition of the collection of “Asian Games emblem treasure”, which is the only time in the history of the Asian Games to inherit and embody the core values of the games with gold, silver and Hotan cloud!


The emblem of the Asian Games is in the shape of a jade seal, with Wuyang sculpture as the theme in the upper part, and the “national jade” and top-grade jade in tianyuzhong in the lower part.


As the inheritor of Chinese jade culture, a national intangible cultural heritage, I am honored to work as the production of “Asian Games emblem treasure” and Tianqing jade seal platform, so that “Chinese national stone” and Tianyu can be better displayed to China and the world, and contribute their modest efforts in the history of Chinese jade culture development, and to congratulate the Asian Games in China’s prosperous era.